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"Fixing Screenagers" Presentation - Wednesday 3rd May 6:45pm

Sure Optical - Thursday, April 27, 2017

2 out of 3 children spend more than 2 hours a day using digital devices. This concerns most parents. Excessive use of iPads, iPhones and other screens are causing problems with children’s necks, posture and eyes. Central Coast Spinal Care Centre and Sure Eye Care are holding an educational seminar to answer your concerns.

The talk will begin with Chiropractors Dr Angus Steventon and Dr Bryce Conrad, who'll speak about:

  • The implications of “TechNeck” and “iPosture” on the adult and child spine
  • How to minimise impact and reduce neck pain, headaches and the development of a “hunch back”

Next, Optometrists Dr Amanda Rungis and Dr Sarah Tait will talk about:

  • The epidemic of short-sightedness putting our kids at risk and how it relates to excessive screen time
  • Treatments that help slow short-sightedness
  • Blue light protection - why it's important that we protect our kids from blue light emitted in excessive amounts from screens

There will be plenty of time at the end of the talk to answer your questions. 

Spaces are limited so book online now or call 4337 6000 to avoid disappointment.  All proceeds from the evening will be donated to Optometry Giving Sight.

Myopia - the silent epidemic putting our kids at risk

Amanda Rungis - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Myopia (short-sightedness) starts at an early age and brings with it the likelihood of other eye health problems. It increases the risk of blindness and vision loss due to myopic maculopathy, retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts (see table below).

There's a reason for concern. Myopia is worryingly becoming more prevalent. If current trends continue, by 2050 half the world’s population will be myopic.

How do we know who's at greatest risk? There are two very strong predictors:

  • Prescription less than +075D at age 6
  • Parents being myopic

Excessive close work and digital device use may also contribute, as can inadequate time spent outdoors.

Are you concerned about your child’s or grandchild’s vision? There's a free online resource for parents and grandparents – My Kid's Vision. This simple, six question survey helps you assess a child’s risk of myopia.

All children / teens need an eye examination annually and more regularly if they're at high risk of developing myopia.

Fortunately, we do have treatment strategies – as well as lifestyle changes – to help delay onset and control progression. Research has shown that these strategies are most effective at slowing the progress of myopia:

  • Orthokeratology, also called orthoK or overnight vision therapy
  • Soft bifocal / multifocal contact lenses
  • Bifocal / multifocal spectacles
  • Atropine drug therapy

Also, all kids / teens should be encouraged to spend a minimum of 2 hours per day outdoors.

Despite these treatment options, research has shown that most optometrists prescribe either distance only spectacles or distance only contact lenses for progressing or young myopes. This worries me, because neither of these strategies have been shown to slow progression.

‘Deep inside every human being there is a yearning to do something extraordinary and to be of great, vast service to humanity.’ Dr John F. Demartini

I believe it is of great service to humanity to help prevent avoidable blindness with orthoK and other forms of myopia control. To me it's an extraordinary privilege to tell a parent – ‘I’m not just going to watch your child getting worse and give them stronger glasses every year. I'm going to do everything I can to slow his / her myopia so they're more likely to have a lifetime of great vision.’

If you are concerned about your child’s vision, please make an appointment to see us as a soon as possible. You can book online or call 4337 6000 and speak to one of my wonderful team members. Identifying myopia as early as possible and controlling myopia progression is essential for long-term eye health.

 ~ Amanda

Are you worried about Digital Eye Strain?

Amanda Rungis - Friday, July 01, 2016

Did you know 2 out of 3 people experience some form of Digital Eye Strain?

Digital Eye Strain is also called Computer Vision Syndrome. It is the discomfort felt after more than 2 hours of using a digital device. Symptoms may include:
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck / back pain
  • Poor attention
  • Sleep troubles

Australians spend on average 10 hours and 24 minutes on devices every day. Also, 3 out of 4 Australians use multiple screens e.g. looking at their tablet while watching TV.

2 out of 3 children must spend more than 2 hours a day using digital devices. This concerns most parents. When I was in kindergarten the teacher used to read us stories. Now kids are learning to read and using devices at a much early age. This is often before their eyes are fully grown and developed.

How do you know if you have Digital Eye Strain?

If you spend more than 2 hours a day on devices it is vital you tell us. We can check to see whether you are suffering needlessly. This is done by:

  • Evaluating your computer usage
  • Measuring your vision
  • Testing for any minor uncorrected vision issues - e.g. mild long-sightedness does not cause any blurry vision but is a major cause of Digital Eye Strain
  • Checking how well both eyes work together

How can we reduce the impact of technology?

There are a wide range of ways to relieve strain including that we can recommend:
  • Lenses for the demands of modern life e.g. anti-strain lenses and indoor progressives
  • Blue light protection – the excessive amounts of this high energy light emitted by screens can cause eye stress
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Advice on good “visual hygiene”

We’re dedicated to preventive eye care. That’s why we can advise you on how to achieve relaxed and safe screen use. We want to help you have comfort and protection for our demanding high-tech lives!

As a special offer we are offering free blue light protection on all lenses purchased this July. So, if your worried about Digital Eye Strain make an appointment to see us this month. You can book online or call 4337 6000 and speak to one of my wonderful team members.

Back To School - are you dreading the homework war?

Amanda Rungis - Thursday, January 28, 2016

For some parents, kids going back to school means facing a nightly homework war.  A parent and child struggle for hours to do what should be 20-30 minutes of homework.

The situation is a strong signal that vision problems may be involved. Studies show that 1 in 4 school age children have visual limitations that interfere with their ability to read, learn, comprehend and even pay attention.

Only 2% of parents would wait for symptoms to take their child to the dentist the first time. Yet, 24% of parents wait until their child has symptoms before taking them to the optometrist for the first time. However, many parents don't know that kids can have a vision problem without obvious symptoms.

While complaints of blurry vision and sore eyes may prompt a parent to take immediate action other issues may be subtler. Some of the following less obvious signs may surprise you:

  • Headaches
  • Sleepy when reading
  • Difficulty copying from board
  • Doesn’t like 3D movies
  • Holds book or hand held device close
  • Bumps into things, frequent bruises
  • Spills their drinks
  • Not good at catching / hitting balls
  • Avoids sports / games
  • Poor comprehension or concentration
  • Misreads / skips words
  • Needs ruler or finger to keep place
  • Tilts head when looking at things or reading

Unfortunately, undetected vision problems can result in children getting labelled as “not a reader”, “bored at school”, “daydreamer”, “bad at sport” or worse still “dumb.” This can lead to more serious consequences of life-long low self-esteem, bullying or being bullied.

That’s why it’s important for all children to have an eye test before they start school and every two years thereafter. Our Sarah, has a special interest in kids’ vision. She finds joy in identifying kids with a vision issue, that could have been easily missed, and being able to help them achieve their full learning, sporting and social potential. If your child is at primary or high school and has not had their eyes tested in the last 2 years, you can make an appointment with Sarah by calling 4337 6000 or book online.

Wishing all Central Coast students a joyous and successful 2016! ~ Amanda

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