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My experience as a patient

Amanda Rungis - Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Funny story! Yesterday I walked 1.6km (a mile) in my patient’s shoes.

I haven’t worn any contact lenses for about a decade. But some new daily disposable ones out came and I thought I'd give them a try.

First, given it's been a decade, I struggled to put them in. It was hilarious. I wish I'd videotaped it. Probably would have gone viral “How may optometrists does it take to teach an optometrist to put in contact lenses?”

Second, once they were in, I couldn’t see at thing. I discovered I'd put the right one in the left eye and the left one in the right eye. My eyes are very different. Yep that would do it, can’t see a thing!

No problem. Having realised my mistake, I thought I'd swap them over. But given the decade that had past since I last attempted the feat of removing contact lenses, I struggled to get them out.

Yay! Finally, I got them out but put them both in the same container. Now I didn’t know which was right and which left. No problem they’re daily disposables, I’ll grab a new pair.

So after all this I managed to get the correct lenses into the correct eyes. My vision was OK, but courtesy of my dry eye it felt like I'd rocks in there. I must have managed 10 minutes before I exclaimed to Sarah - “How do our patients do this?” She said “I never found them comfortable. That's why I wear orthoK!” Doh! ~ Amanda

Rodenstock and Sure Eye Care - 7 years of partnership delivering unrivalled vision

Amanda Rungis - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

We were very honoured to have distinguished guests today - Günter Raichle (Managing Director, Rodenstock Thailand Operations and Asia Pacific Sales) and Tim McCann (General Manager, Rodenstock Australia). When you work in a beautiful space like Sure Eye Care every day, it's easy to forget what's been created. It was lovely to hear their enthusiastic feedback given how many practices all around the world they both see.

I'll never fully be able to express my gratitude to Martin Tuktens of Prinzip Design. He made my vision of a hybrid practice (a cross between a standard optometrist and a medical practice) a reality. Together we felt like we invented a new architectural style we called “Scandinavian Medical”. If you haven’t visited us yet, you can take the virtual tour.

I didn’t want just another optometrist where you walk in and all you see is rows and rows of frames. That was why the custom-made pivot wall that houses the Rodenstock Lens Hub and ImpressionIST® was such an integral part of the design. When you walk in, lenses are more prominent than the frames. Reflecting our belief that the most important thing about visiting your eye care professional is leaving seeing exceptionally well.

That's why we have chosen Rodenstock to be are main lens supplier for the last 7 years. There are great quality differences between lenses. The Rodenstock brand represents the value of German-made product - quality, tradition and security. There are many years of research, knowledge and revolutionary technologies in their innovative products.

We're privileged that Rodenstock has chosen to partner with us. They've entrusted us with their superior lenses. We're the only Central Coast supplier of their entire lens range including Rodenstock Road driving lenses and Ergo computer lenses. Also, we use the most innovative technology for exact eye measurement. The ImpressionIST® consultation terminal is a 3D stereo camera for determining your individual data automatically. Thanks to this technology, you receive an unmatched individual and precision result - in short, the perfect glasses.

If you'd like to experience maximum comfort, sharp and high-contrast vision, ensure your next lenses are Rodenstock. As they say “See better. Look perfect." Book online for an eye examination and Rodenstock lens expert consultation.

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